Friday, February 12, 2016

Seollal Perfornance

Over my years in Korea, I've tried to attend performances that are of part of special events. One such event occurred at the Unhyeongung Palace. Located right next to Anguk station, this former royal residence was easy to get to - perfect for a free winter performance. Prior to the musical performance, different areas were set up for activities such as playing traditional games, trying on (and of course taking photos) traditional Korean costumes, stamping a wooden block with good luck/health characters, and writing good luck messages on small pieces of colorful paper. I loved the patterning of the colorful message papers tied onto rope, contrasting with the brick patterns on the residence wall.

My favorite part of the performance was the solo female dancer. Her movements were very slow and deliberate - no camera shake/blur here! 
Two young drummers took a break from their gongs and drums to do some plate spinning. The balanced disks were also hurtled in the air and caught by the second performer. A couple of audience members were asked to try their hand at keeping the disk spinning or to pass the disk to be caught. 

What's a drumming performance without drums? These guys (and a few gals) looked like they were having fun, despite the rather chilly temps - especially with such thin blouses. I only took a couple photos of their drumming, as the scene, their shabbier-looking drums, and simpler outfits weren't as inspiring. It was still enjoyable though, and a nice way to spend the day off.

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