Saturday, February 20, 2016

One of THOSE college jobs

The jobs that young people sometimes must endure, just to earn a little cash. In Seoul, especially around popular shopping areas, one can often spot those donning mascot costumes for various promotions. On top of temperature concerns, such costumed individuals might also have to deal with the potential embarrassment of being seen in public. 
On our way to the Ihwa mural village in Seoul, these young people were hard to ignore. One was wearing a very tall inflatable woman. Speaking from the groin of the woman, he explained that wearing the outfit and manipulating the arms was rather draining. Being rather top-heavy, I can imagine that it would be particularly challenging on a windy day. After a few hours wearing the woman, he traded places with the other young man who was carrying a large load of boxed cuckoo rice cookers. I'm hoping that the inflatable woman drew the attention of customers who then empathized with young lads and bought more rice cookers.

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