Thursday, February 18, 2016

Konark Temple - Ancient Sundial wonder

A shared post from a friend on Facebook reminded me about one of the amazing sites I visited in India - the Konark Sun Temple. A 13th century Hindu temple in Bhubaneswar, this UNESCO World Heritage site filled with incredible carvings, but its significance goes beyond this. 
In 2009, I wrote several blog posts about the temple, including one just on the wheel.  My guide had explained that the wheels could accurately determine the exact time and day, but he didn't go into many specifics. The video above includes a great deal more details about the wheels as a sundial, as well as other wheels that likely serve as a moondial.
According to the narrator, modern knowledge about the temple & its wheels is very limited, with much of its mysteries concealed by yogis. 
Hearing again about these ancient wonders puts me in awe. Such an incredible combination of knowledge and beauty. What kind of impression will future civilizations have of our current society?

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