Friday, August 12, 2016

Landap Malong Cloth

While at the Manila Collectible shop near Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila, this cloth caught my eye.  According to the informative woman at the shop, this 50+ yr old piece (which I purchased) was hand-woven from Maranao with all natural dyes (tumeric for yellow, cikariro root for the purple) using the ikat weaving technique. When at the National Museum of the Filipino People, I saw the Landap Malong cloth amongst its textile display. From the descriptive label: "Malongs are of several types. One type landap (means 'pure'), consists of three panels of plain, solid colored cloth. Yellow panels are called binaning. The other colors for landap may be green (gadong)  and black (pangelemen). With the color yellow reserved for royalty, this particular malong is exclusively for the members of the Maranao royal family. Tapestry panels called langkit, woven using a specialized tapestry loom, join the solid colored panels. The langkit is what makes the landap type of malong unique among the tubular garments in the Philippines." 

More information on the designs

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