Friday, September 22, 2017

Three Leaves and a Bud - progress 2 #melissaenderle #colorpencil #srilanka #teapicking #ellasrilanka #artwork #portraitart

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Steeple Workers

Early in the morning, the workers were already busy performing exterior cleaning and maintenance to a local church. Reaching the roof and steeple was a quick and easy process. I immediately was reminded of a scene I had seen in Kerala, India. 

This worker utilized ropes (likely coir ropes locally made from coconut fibers) and simple scaffolding to climb up and around in order to do some maintenance work. Keeping it simple, he donned a lungi and went barefoot. 
I'd have to say, the Kerala steepleworker made a much more interesting photo....

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Tending the Sheep by the Roman Ruins

Now with a story about the shepherd.
Like my father and grandfather, I traverse through these hilly lands near my hometown of T├ębeousouk with my sheep. This time of year it’s easier to find grass for my sheep to eat. The grove of olive trees near the Punic Mausoleum provides some extra shade against the sun. My sheep seem to favor this area as well; the cut stones, once part of Punic or Roman buildings dating around two millennia, now serve as climbing playgrounds. To my left are the embedded pavement stones of a road, leading to the Capitol building that still dominates the hill of the ancient Roman city. Although Dougga is a popular tourist attraction, the officials guarding this UNESCO World Heritage site have graciously allowed me and other shepherds to graze our herds through these historical lands.