Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Hvar harbor boats and distant fort #hvar, #croatia, #harbor, #easterneurope, #croatiatourism, #melissaenderle, #boats, #adriaticsea, #madisonphotographymeetup

Ljubljanica River buildings, Ljubljana #ljubliana, #slovenia, #easterneurope, #architecture, #ljubljanicariver, #sloveniatravel, #melissaenderle, #madisonphotographymeetup

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Yellow Bird Dancer at Horseshoe Bend

My latest - a color pencil of an Apache Yellow Bird Dancer, set amidst the beautiful Horseshoe Bend. In just over a week, I will see them perform and will hopefully get more information so I can write an accurate story about the dancer.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Superstition Mountain Museum #melissaenderle, #superstitionmountainmuseum, #arizona, desert, #arizonaphotography, #cactus, #tetonken, #burro, #goldminer

Presenting a Print to Teton Ken

This week I attended Teton Ken's lecture on the Lost Dutchman, held at the Superstition Mountain Museum. As promised, I brought a print of the color pencil drawing I had made of Teton and his sidekick, Daisy. Teton Ken had already seen the original last March, which was shortly after his heart attack and the deadly rattlesnake bite for Daisy. 

When he saw me, Teton warmly greeted me, remembering my name. He was tickled that I had brought the print and said that it would be displayed in his dining room. Since Teton didn't have his reading glasses, I read the story I wrote about him, which was affixed to the back of the print. A small gesture of kindness for a man who has brought happiness to so many.
Mary (the burro he had with him today) was more interested in the protective tissue surrounding the print, taking a brief break from gnawing on the wooden column of the shed to try and sample the new object. Teton was quite protective his new piece and put it in a safe place.  

If you're in the Mesa/Apache Junction area of Arizona, be sure to visit Teton Ken at the Superstition Mountain Museum.  He is often there during the weekend, offering rides to kids (young and old alike) on his burros.