Sunday, October 07, 2012

Rooftop Gardening

While technically not on the actual roof of the house, this elderly woman attends to her rather comprehensive garden on the elevated plot next to her traditional home in the Bukchon neighborhood in Seoul. Considering the elevated price of produce this year, such a garden could provide considerable savings.


Rahul Gupta said...

I love these type of Roof top gardening. Specially famous in urban cities like Mumbai where people dont have much space to grow plants. I too have my small roof top garden and i love it. :)

Allyson Sunde said...

Just lovely! How long has she been planting all of these? Her plants are undeniably healthy, and what I admire most about the garden is that even though the pots are not perfectly aligned and organized, everything still looks pleasing to the eye because of the greenery.

Allyson Sunde

Melissa Enderle said...

Allison, you could write a story about this photo. Since I only glanced a moment at the woman while going up the steep incline in the old Bukchon area of Seoul, I would only have to make presumptions - such as that she's been gardening here for many years. I love these traditional sections of cities, especially since the rest of Seoul is so modern.

Guna said...

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