Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Malian Woman with Blue Shawl

My latest artwork, a color pencil of a Dogon woman from Mali, West Africa. It is the first time that I tried out my new set of 24 Polychomos color pencils.

Having just finished pounding millet, it feels good to sit down. Although such work is quite physical, I am grateful that the Lord has provided us with a harvest, despite the sparse rainfall this year. In addition to that task, I also managed to make several clay pots this morning. I’m pleased to say that my young daughter is coming along quite nicely with her pottery skills. I enjoy teaching the young women the Dogon songs as we pound away under the baobab tree. Tonight we will be singing hymns as we dance around the fire in our village of Nombouri. I always look forward to gatherings with fellow Christians in my village. How blessed I am; How great Thou art!