Thursday, December 17, 2020

Playing for the Maharaja

 "Playing for the Maharaja"

Color Pencil. Jaisalmer, India

©2020 Melissa Enderle

It is the day of the Gangaur festival in this ancient city of Jaisalmer. I'm doubly giddy about the festival celebrating our goddess of love and marriage this year since my granddaughter is in the procession of other eligible young females eager for love. She looks so beautiful and grown-up in her new dress and jewelry. Plus I'm one of the musicians selected to perform. Both me and my trusty kamaycha instrument are a bit worn but we both will sing out our best today. I've already performed some songs that beseech the goddess Gauri to bless these young women with prosperous marriages. Behold! The Maharaja has arrived! I quickly switch to a song singing the praises of His Highness. May he and his family live a long, prosperous life! The Golden City of Jaisalmer loves you!

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