Monday, March 27, 2017

A Meetup with Teton Ken

Having completed my drawing of Teton Ken and his burro Daisy, I wanted to bring the artwork back to Arizona so Ken could see it. He had been so obliging when I had asked if I could take some photos of him back in December, that I wanted to show him what I had created. I called up the staff at the Superstition Mountain Museum where Ken often came during the weekends to give kids ride on his burros. They informed me that Teton Ken had been recovering from a heart attack he had about a month ago. Upon seeing the drawing, they gave me Ken's phone number and we arranged to meet the following day. 

Ken was especially touched that I had included his burro Daisy, as she had died from a rattlesnake bite just a few days prior to his heart attack. Ken said I had captured Daisy's likeness and his pals agreed that the depiction of this former prospector was quite authentic as well. 


Bibi said...

What another wonderful story you made. Don't need to tell you that as usual your artwork is gorgeous, but you too look exceptionally beautiful and happy! Miss you!!!

Melissa Enderle said...

Thank you Bibi for the wonderful compliment. I was so pleased that I was able to meet up with Teton and share with him the artwork, particularly since his loss. A number of people are interested in the drawing and had suggested that I have prints made. We'll see!
Miss you too!

Anonymous said...

Yours is one of the best pictures (art work ) I ever saw of Teton, and of course Miss Daisy.Ive known Teton 17 years, I too had heart attack in Jan. This year.Hope he is doing great.from Tyler,Tx

Melissa Enderle said...

Why, thank you, Tyler! Your comments mean a lot to me. I wish you continued recovery and health.