Saturday, August 20, 2016

Revealed Bricks and Star Skeletons

I love wandering through older parts of towns and admire the architecture. Although I appreciate the restoration work and other efforts at preservation, I admit that I am equally attracted to some of the crumbling or faded parts. The "story" of the building seems to be stronger and the overall effect, although a bit "gritty," often feels more authentic. 
Such was the case in Vigan, Philippines. In some places, the lime plaster on the 16th century buildings had begun to crumble away, revealing the narrow bricks - the same type I had seen being made in nearby San Nicolas. The shapes formed by some revealed bricks reminded me of continents; the contrasting texture was quite beautiful. 

Combine that with weathered and sometimes brightly-painted doors, and you have a great symphony of colors and textures. 

Hanging above several doors were some stars; perhaps they were decorations from many Christmases ago. Their skeletal framework contrasted particularly during the early morning light, whose tattered edges repeated the pocked markings on the lime-washed walls.   

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