Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ready to Fire at a Klipoh Village pottery shop

After the visit to a local market near Borobudur, the driver took me to a pottery shop in the town of Klipoh. Although I have visited many pottery shops in different countries, I always enjoy seeing the varying ways they create and fire their wares.

Today was the day to do some firing. Some pieces needed their drying time to be hastened, so they were heated just a bit on some ashes.
Using a rag like a potholder, the two women grabbed the still-hot pots and carried them over to the kiln shed. The hot ashes didn't seem to bother their bare feet.

The pots and bowls were stacked over a bed of thin bamboo, husks, and some coconut shells.
The clay pieces were then covered with leaves, husks, and more coconut shells,  over which some ash was placed.
Some dried fronds were bundled and lit.
This was used to light the material covering the pottery.
The man used a long wooden rake to stoke the fire, which quickly enveloped the dry leaves and emitting a thick haze of smoke.
According to the driver, after a few hours, the firing would be finished. This seemed rather short to me, but I can imagine that these utilitarian pieces would be of rather low fire.

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