Monday, February 22, 2016

Just Follow the Carp

One sunny Saturday morning, some friends and I took a Seoul bus over to the Ihwa Mural Village. Following some signs near the Hyehwa station, we walked through some streets and upward-sloping alleys until we reached the Ihwa Mural Village

In 2006, the Naksan Project was established by the local Public Art Committee to reinvigorate the area. As part of the project, over 60 artists painted murals and created sculptures in various spots within the neighborhood's narrow alleys.

The carp stairs and the angel wings are two of the most popular murals. Judging from the worn nature of the area between the wings and lasting impression of those posing, it's obvious that the feathery mural is a favorite of many.

Several Korean dramas were filmed in the neighborhood, increasing the number of visitors.

It was an enjoyable forenoon, meandering through the various alleys and spotting public artwork on the otherwise aging neighborhood. There were some caf├ęs in the neighborhood and quite a few little shops selling handmade crafts. Artsy, eclectic, and some great views of the city.

You can reach Ihwa Mural village from Hyehwa Station (Line 4, exit 2) and walk for around 12 minutes.

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