Friday, September 18, 2015

Residents of the Lashi Village

After another rainstorm, I went for a walk in the Lashi village. It was a very quiet, local village - no tourists to be seen. Splotches of manure and straw dotted the paved and unpaved narrow lanes. Roads meandered in different directions, making it important to make note of my route so I could get back to the guest house. No business card (or even address) to show anyone. Thankfully I have a good sense of direction.

Even in this small village, gates were a prominent feature. Some walls had painted murals, while others were on ceramic tiles. 

I saw several older people sitting near a large gate - perhaps it was the gathering place for locals, or maybe it was a place to catch local transport. I spotted several people I was interested in photographing. After a smile and gestured greeting, I pointed to my camera and asked if I could take their photo. What kind faces. I wish I would have had some language skills to talk to them.

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