Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Hairy Deal

One of the more unusual "stalls" at the Shaxi Friday market was this one, consisting of two bags of hair and a scale. Quite likely, this purchased hair would be made into wigs. I wonder how much the seller received for the hair. Would she receive a higher price for longer pieces, or did it go simply by the weight?

It made me think of the large amounts of hair that is generated at Hindu temples (most Hindus have their head shaved at least once in their lifetime and some donate it multiple times to show their piety).


Bibi said...

Good photo and the title caught my eye. Funny, I just saw a poster here for a hair collection next week. For cancer patients, allegedly.

Melissa Enderle said...

Great programs. I commend people who are able to grow their hair long enough and are willing to donate their hair to create a wig for people with hair-loss conditions. Society puts so much emphasis on looks & hair. A person with cancer, etc. is already struggling with their health and should not have to feel stigmatized because of their hair situation.