Sunday, September 20, 2015

Displaced Yi People in Lashi Village

Although the blue caps of the Bai people dominated the Lashi village in the Yunnan region of China, there were others who now also called the village their home. These were people of the Yi ethnic group, who became displaced due to the building of a water reservoir. 

The ladies of the Yi group wore long, colorful pleated skirts. Adorning their heads were pieces of fabric. One elderly lady looked rather dignified as she posed in front of their valuable shaded crop. 

Although I did not sense any tension between the Bai people and the Yi people who recently joined the village, I can imagine that things weren't necessarily easy. Even if some compensation was perhaps given by the government, starting over in a strange village dominated by people of other cultures must be difficult. I wish I had the time and language ability to talk to the new residents.

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