Wednesday, September 16, 2015

At the Lashi Village Guesthouse

After departing Shaxi, my next destination was a small village near Lashi lake. I was the sole guest of an older couple of the Bai ethnic group. They didn't speak any English, and I spoke no Chinese. We communicated through gestures and lots of smiles. 
After I took my stuff up to the room on the second floor, the woman motioned me to sit down at the table on the porch, past the assortment of mishmashed furniture. She already had an assortment of fruit out for me to eat as well as some dried tea leaves in a cup. Taking the large silver canister on the floor, she filled my cup with hot water. After a bit, she refilled the cup. With the bathroom in a small building across the courtyard, I made a note not to drink too much, particularly as evening came. 

The elderly Bai ethnic couple who ran the guest house
Courtyard at the house
 The woman busied herself with tending to the garden and also to the animals in the barn, located on the back side of the unfinished building across the courtyard. The barn had a water buffalo and three pigs, one of which had a number of piglets.
The already quiet village became silent at nightfall, with the exception of the crickets. With no internet access, I spent some time before bed uploading and naming photos from the trip.

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