Monday, March 09, 2015

Khoo Kongsi Clan Temple

Due to clan ceremonies that were taking place in the morning, we had to return after lunch to visit the Khoo Kongsi temple. Thankfully, the extra time and even admission fee was worth it. A narrow, rather simple alleyway entrance suddenly gave way to a wide square. 
According to the official website, the Khoo Kongsi consists of an administrative building, opera stage, meeting hall, and 62 units of terrace houses and shophouses. The dense conglomeration of buildings with the three not-so-obvious entrances really evoked a sense of defensive protection as well as the communal closeness of the clan. Just as in the souks I had visited in Tunis and Sousse, it would take a bit of effort for unwanted visitors to reach the heart.  Located in the heart of historic Georgetown, this elaborate temple is a popular tourist attraction. 

 The Leong San Tong temple was by far the most decorative of the buildings, with the current structure completed in 1906. The temple's intricate wood carvings and richly ornamented beams were created by the finest craftsmen from China. 
Once again, we were on visual overload. Every single view was a feast for the eyes. I could have easily taken many more photos of just the main temple, not to mention wander around the complex and capture some of the architectural beauty of the rest of the buildings. Lack of time (and of course the ever-present rain) meant that we had to move on.
Note the dragon "gargoyle"
If you are interested in learning more about the Khoo Kongsi Temple, do visit its comprehensive website.

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