Monday, March 02, 2015

Han Jiang Ancestral Temple, Penang

Also known as the Teochew Temple, the Han Jiang Ancestral Temple was built (1870) to serve the early Teochew settlers from the Guangzhou district in China. It is the only temple in Georgetown of the Teochew style. The temple houses an altar to the patron Taoist god of the North as well as ancestral tablets of deceased Teochews. 

Like many of the temples and other old buildings of the area, Han Jiang Ancestral Temple fell into disrepair, wear and tear, and unaesthetic additions, particularly when used as a school. In 2002, a committee was formed to begin restoration. Extensive funds were raised, research on the original structure conducted, and skilled craftsmen were brought from China. The temple's conservation of tangible and intangible heritage was recognized with a UNESCO World Heritage Conservation award in 2006.
Panels, murals and altar

Dragon mural near the entrance

Beautiful geometric tiles grace the floor
I enjoyed reading about the conservation work at the temple and looking at its superb craftsmanship. Knowing that there were so many other places to see, we knew we had to move onward.

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