Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jindo Sea Parting - before the event

The first venue on my spring break stared with a very early morning bus trip from Seoul all the way down to Jindo in the very southern part of Korea. Here I would partake with around 400,000 expats and locals alike in this annual event which is considered the spot where the most people assemble to see a temporary happening
It was already later in the afternoon by the time we arrived, due to stops at a few rest areas for bathroom (gosh, were those lines long!) and coffee, along with lunch in Mokpo.
Our first task was buying rubber boots. Thankfully they had a selection of sizes, including those large enough for foreigner big feet such as mine. 

In addition to buying cotton candy, rice-based treats, and other snacks, one could also buy dried fish and seaweed.

 While waiting for the sea parting to occur, equipped locals used small garden-like tools to find crabs and other critters to eat. Others simply liked playing on the slippery rocks. At this point, the sea looked very normal.

The meetup group all sporting their colorful boots, next to Grandma Ppong statue (part of a legend about the sea parting)

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