Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jindo Sea Parting

After a little wait, our group leader signaled for us to walk in the now-shallow water towards the long blue fabric designating the path for the sea walk. We first had to climb over some rather slippery rocks; I hoped that the walk wouldn't be that slippery - don't want to fall in with my camera! 

Some of the meetup group members in the shallow water just before joining the procession

Jindo Sea parting event employees began stretching the blue fabric along the 2.8 km long, 40-meter pathway that temporarily connected Jindo to Modo Island. This extreme low tide is known as a tidal harmonic . According to the National Geographic article, this phenomenon will continue to happen twice a year here as long as shape and positions of the land continue to stay the same. 
I was thankful that the exposed sea bottom was not mucky and rather easy to walk on - a good thing especially for those who had a bit too much soju to drink.

For the next hour, the procession would continue, with people walking back and forth from the mainland to the island. Drummers and dancers were part of the festivities.

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