Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Spring Beauty in My Backyard

After a rather long winter with an unusually large snowfall (including a "snow day" at school), residents of Seoul began emerging from the warmth of their ondol-heated homes to enjoy early signs of spring. Forsythias and magnolias were some of the first flowering trees and bushes to herald the arrival of spring. The real show-stoppers though were the cherry blossoms. Festivals throughout the country were held in honor of these blooming beauties that transformed parkes, walkways, and hillsides into a delicate, fleeting, display of the lightest tints of pink. On some early evenings after school, I managed to capture some of the splendors of spring in Seoul. Yonsei University, located on the same hill as Seoul Foreign School where I work and live, provided plenty of photographic opportunities.

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