Sunday, May 12, 2013

Buddhist Cheer Rally

Yesterday afternoon I attended the Buddhist Cheer Rally at Dongguk University Stadium in Seoul. A prelude to the Lotus Lantern Parade (also in honor of the Buddha's birthday) that started a few hours later, the rally featured dancers and musicians young and old alike. While some of the costumes were slightly more traditional or conservative, the music was rather modern and all very upbeat. It was great seeing the adjumonies (older women) in the crowds, wearing their traditional hanbok dresses groovin' to the music. 
During the two-hour rally, the audience was served free water and gimbaps (sliced pieces of rice, tiny diced veggies and meat, rolled in seaweed - reminding me of sushi) and paper sun visors to keep off the afternoon sun. More photos to follow on Flickr!

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