Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rainbows All Around Me

After dropping off my lanterns and thanking the group for inviting me to march with them, I headed over to the Jogyesa Buddhist Temple. Walking through its gate with rainbow rows of lamps separated by those painted with scenes of dragons and koi fish, the scene failed to disappoint. Lanterns, some imprinted with comic-style Buddhist figures, were strung in precise rows above, nearly obscuring the night sky. Others created a niche around a large stone statue of a laughing Buddha, while a grouping of  lotus-shaped lanterns encircled the temple's stone pagoda. Paper tags dangled in the light breeze, breathing life in the rainbows. With such mesmerizing beauty, it was nearly impossible to capture a bad photo. 

See more photos of the Jogyesa Buddhist Temple on this festive occasion on my Flickr page.

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