Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring in Korea

White magnolia tree.jpglamp and blossoms.jpgBlue and white.jpgYonsei with pink blooms.jpgWhite magnolia by Yonsei view.jpgPink flowering bush by Tudor building.jpg
Tiny purple flowers.jpgBlossoming ground cover.jpgWhite magnolia close.jpgWhite magnolia and bud.jpgDeep blue sky and white magnolias.jpgWhite magnolias, blurred bkgrd.jpg
Fuscia blossoms.jpgPink blossoms together.jpgDeep fuscia.jpgBlossoming tree by hospital bldg.jpgCascading bloom.jpgBloom on the stone.jpg
Yellow amidst the fuscia.jpgBunch of fuscia blossoms.jpgPink cluster.jpgBlossoming tree by hospital bldg-2.jpgAvenue of Cherry blossoms.jpgCherry blossoms against the reed fence.jpg
Spring in Korea, a set on Flickr.
More photos displaying God's handiwork of spring in Korea. The most recent photos are of Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul.

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