Monday, November 15, 2010

Sigiriya Rock Summit

About an hour and a half after beginning my ascent, I had arrived at the summit. The foundations of many buildings and pools remained, giving an idea of how extensive the place was. A stone bench looked quite tempting to sit down on, but a sign forbade it, saying it was a royal throne. From here, there was an uninterrupted view of the landscape below – and what a spectacular view it was! Past the heavily forested land with small lakes and then a mountain lay the city of Kandy. Just barely visible in another direction was the Gold Buddha statue of Dambulla.

After soaking in the surroundings and climbing up and down some of the buildings’ stairs, I headed back down. Along the way, I stopped by Cobra Hood Cave with a remnant of decorative fresco, a platform that was an audience throne, and through a natural arch. Much quicker than expected, I had reached the bottom and had plenty of time to swim and relax at the hotel.

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