Monday, November 29, 2010

Lightning Strike on Thanjavur's Gopuram

This weekend a storm went through southern Tamil Nadu, with lightning striking one of Thanjavur's gopurams (entryway structures leading into the main temple). This particular gopuram was built during the Chola period (approx 1,000 AD). Unlike most of the structures at this impressive UNESCO site that were made out of stone, this gopuram, known as Rajarajan Thiruvaayil, was built out of brick and lime mortar. Despite lightning rods being fitted in much taller structures nearby within the complex,  lightning still was attracted to the structure's composition and smashed one of the kalasam pointed elements at the top.

The Thanjavur temple is a marvel to see - one of Tamil Nadu's most beautiful temples. Sadly, the majority of visitors to India never make it to South India.


Bibi said...

True, it seemed there were not many visitors when we came, but selfishly I was glad....less push/shove.

Melissa Enderle said...

Are you thinking of Darasuram? At Thanjavur, there actually were a number of people there, many of whom were wearing red, as they were on a pilgrimage to Kerala.