Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Casting out the Nets

Dotting Pulikat Lake were small flat boats, essentially a few logs joined together. Balanced on these boats were fishermen, carrying essentials including a woven fish basket, net, and a pole for navigating the shallow waters. Twisting sharply in the opposite direction, the fishermen then thrust the fanned net into the water, one end tied around a wrist. For all the energy consumed repeating the casting and gathering process, I wonder how successful these substinence fishermen actually were.


Rachel Sarah said...

This is a great picture of fishermen. I recommend visiting Rameswaram island at some point. My Indian friends there, the Pauloses, run Body of Christ Ministries.

Bibi said...

Lovely 'catch.' This reminds me of another one of your African

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture of fishermen.