Friday, January 01, 2016

Rural Landscape of Central Java

Although the train passed by some smaller towns, much of the landscape to Yogyakarta was quite rural. Most of the land was quite flat and fertile, enhanced by volcanic ash. Rice was the dominant crop, with fields in different stages of the process. Corn, papayas, and veggies also were grown.

The pace of life was a bit different in the villages. Boys fished with cane poles in muddy waters. Goats, sheep, geese, chickens, and ducks wandered about. 

Some were digging in the rice fields by hand, while others worked up the land with two-wheeled tractors. 

Some homes were brightly painted, while most were quite simple - sometimes not much more than metal and bricks.
At times, the skies became very heavy, unloading rain with intensity. A little while later, patches of blue sky could be seen.
As we neared Yogyakarta, some lands became hillier. I was looking forward to seeing even more terraced rice fields when I went to Bali.

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