Monday, January 18, 2016

Purple Chicks and Green Eggs

Vibrant colors at markets are not limited to produce. Look what I spotted at the market near Borobudur - live peeps! Coloring chicks apparently makes them more attractive to customers. They certainly caught my attention! However, I actually was a bit disturbed at the sight. The dye may be injected into the embryo, resulting in colored hatchlings. Coloring can also be achieved through spray painting or dipping the live chicks in dye - eeks!
Reading online, it is apparent that Indonesia is not the only place where this is done. Sometimes the chicks are sold as playthings for kids; they often don't live for very many days. Colored chicks are more popular at Easter time. Even though I don't care for them, I think the marshmallow type is much more humane.
Should the chicks make it to adulthood, the adult feathers typically come in their normal colors. 
So no, those blue-green eggs were not hatched from that turquoise chick above. However, different breeds of chickens will produce different colored eggs.

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