Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Hop, Skip and a Jump to Borobudur

For the night before visiting Borobodur UNESCO World Heritage site, I stayed at the Manohara Hotel. It was a more expensive than the other places I would stay at, but the hotel came with some significant benefits. The hotel is the only one that is within the Borobudur park complex and it offers a sunrise tour (discount for those staying at the hotel), granting access to the monument already at 4:30AM - an hour and a half prior to when the site is open to the public. This enabled me to stumble on out of the hotel room and right to the lobby to meet my guide. It also offered guests the opportunity to view an informative video (in English and Indonesian) on the Borobudur temple, providing some background information on what they would be seeing.

The hotel grounds was well-kept and the architecture fit in nicely with the area. The room was spacious and clean. After visiting the Borobudur temple, I came back and enjoyed complimentary breakfast at the open-air pavilion. 

Trees and foliage on the hotel grounds were beautiful; I hadn't seen a sausage tree since I left India.

View of Borobudur from the hotel
If I would have had more time, I could have gone back and re-visited the temple later in the day. Alas, my driver was waiting for me to continue my tour to other local places.

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