Friday, May 22, 2015

Jogyesa Temple - Lotus Lantern Festival

After the Lotus Lantern Festival Parade finished, we headed down to Jogyesa Temple. This was a similar itinerary to the last time I attended the festival. Once again, this downtown temple did not disappoint. Hanji paper sculptures illuminated the entryway to the Buddhist temple, welcoming all. 

Beautiful painted lanterns of varying sizes and shapes adorned the gate's ceiling. 

Lanterns of every color spread over the complex like a rainbow canopy. Having documented the array of lanterns quite well last time, I took far fewer photos. 
Tags from the mass-produced lanterns fluttered in the breeze. If you had 30,000 won (around $28), you could get your name on one as well.

Devotees and visitors alike took turns pouring water over a small golden statue of Buddha.

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