Saturday, April 04, 2015

View from Sajabong Peak, Ttangkkeut

The efficient monorail took us to the top of Sajabong Peak. From here, we had a great view of the Korea Straits and coast of South Korea. Unfortunately, the air quality wasn't that great, reducing contrast with a slight haze. Yellow dust from China is common in Seoul during the spring, but I was a bit surprised to see that it filtered all the way down to the southernmost part of Korea. 
Well-marked paths were available from the observatory, including some with nice wood board planks. Korea sure emphasizes hiking for all. A few trees were beginning to get some leaves, but most still were rather bare. 

Even a few rapeseed flowers announced their arrival. I can't wait for the spring flowers and blossoms to show their glory!

A visit to Ttankkeut wouldn't be complete without a photo by the stele marking land's end. 

Next to the stele was a ship hull-shaped overlook. I wonder how many re-enactments of Titanic were done on this bow.

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