Monday, April 27, 2015

Baseball, Seoul Style

This past week, I went with some friends to a baseball game in Seoul. The subway took us directly to the entrance of the stadium - very handy indeed. We had already purchased tickets (thanks to a Korean-speaking colleague), so we entered the shorter line, where I showed the reservation on my phone to the man in the booth. We saw some trying to "scalp" tickets; I presume those seats were a a bit more than ours, which cost less than $7. 

There were no "Racing Sausages" or guy to go down a slide with a home run, but there were cheerleaders. The "Wave" even went around a few times.

Some of the snacks and drinks available right outside the stadium. Gimbap, dried squid or fish, anyone?
Food/drinks could be brought in, or you could buy some inside. A large bottle of beer could be purchased for less than $3. No bratwurst though. With the affordable prices and convenient locale, baseball is an event that is actually open to families. 

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