Sunday, October 06, 2013

Umbrellas all Above Me

While waiting for the new HomePlus grocery store to open for the day, I walked around the new mall Mecanatpolis. It amazed me at how many American (and other) chain stores were here, both food and clothing. At 8:30 AM, the workers were busy washing the flooring around the large fountain of one several openings in the mall. The only other action happening was at the Krispy Kreme store, a few bakeries, the obligatory coffee shops, Dunkin' Doughnuts, and some young people hanging in front of TGIFridays. Some people emerged from the Hapjeong subway station connected to the mall - very convenient indeed.
Particularly true in Korea, I made it a point to "look up" and wasn't disappointed. Strung like a canopy were neon-colored umbrellas, contrasting with the bright blue morning sky. Tall apartment buildings added a bit of contrast to the curvilinear designs of the mall's curved opening with exposed levels. A cheery scene early on a Saturday.

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