Sunday, October 13, 2013

Suwon Korean Folk Village

Dynamic nongak perforer.jpgBuilding near entrance.jpgBuilding with lantern.jpgjangseung figures_.jpgOrange tree and lg pots.jpgPainted fans.jpg
Golds and Browns.jpgDried corn.jpgShed storage.jpgPots on Chest.jpgThatched roof and turning trees.jpgDynamic nongak performer.jpg
Nongak ensemble in action.jpgTraditional Korean costumes.jpgPlaying metal drum.jpgBlue smock looking down.jpgTall black hats.jpgElderly gentleman with orange vest.jpg
Costumes and clapping.jpgGisaeng women.jpgElderly man faded.jpgGisaeng frontal.jpgMusicians of farmer dance.jpgBugler.jpg

Suwon Korean Folk Village, a set on Flickr.

Saturday was a gorgeous day to travel down to Suwon to visit the Korean Folk village there. This is my second time visiting the village and I know there are many more photos just waiting to be taken.

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