Saturday, April 21, 2012

Srinagar Lunch

  Back in Srinagar,  we were invited for lunch at the home of our driver.   We were led through a narrow street of old Srinagar  to the home he shared with his sister’s family.  Immediately  we were warmly greeted and were asked to make ourselves comfortable in the living room, to sit against the cushions along the edge of the carpeted room.  While lunch was being prepared, we were given cookies and tea. A long cloth runner was rolled out and plates sets for us and members of the family. Copious amounts of rice was dished out, along with mutton curry, pickled vegetables, and a few other items. As can many other parts of India, meals are traditionally eaten with the right-hand.  Conversations switched back and forth between Kashmiri and English.  As the sister’s three children arrived from school, they joined in the conversation while eating. In Kashmiri, the driver said to his friend, “she’s not like other tourists.” As we stood up, I thanked the family for the wonderful meal. Standing together as a family, they  invited me to stay as a guest in their home. What a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from local people!

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