Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Road to Dasada

Back on the road to Dasada, we were once again thrust back into agricultural land. Large combines from Punjab with motorcycles attached to the front drove in groups of four. The owners of these combines would go through various states in India, making quick work of harvesting in the fields. On the bed of trucks were large numbers of people going between villages and to fields. Others piled in carts attached to modified motorcycles. We would see many more such vehicles in Gujarat. Herds of water buffalo and large-horned cows also used the road for traveling, followed by their caretakers. There was notably less trash along the roadside. Sparse cotton fields and others with Castor plants were common. We stopped at one field where people were harvesting the castor beans, filling sacks with the beans. A real treat for my "always a farmer" dad.

It had been another full day, complete with ancient sites, a religious festival, incredible crafts, and rural life.

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