Monday, May 02, 2011

Cochin, Kerala

The drive to coastal Cochin was a downward one, with the curves of Munnar giving way to leveled, straight roads. We passed through more towns with their share of election posters and deafening announcers, as well as more Christian establishments. Cows seemed to enjoy particular road status in these towns, ambling around and laying down wherever they felt like it.

Just before reaching the modern town of Ernakulam, we stopped at a palace now converted into a museum. The heat and humidity immediately met us as we stepped outside the car. Definitely ice cream weather! The increased traffic of this larger city was quite apparent; at least the roads were straight. That afternoon, we went to the area known as Cochin and saw sights such as the Chinese fishing nets, the rather simple St. Francis Church (one of India’s earliest European churches), Paradesi Synagogue (India’s oldest synagogue), a spice warehouse where workers were placing ginger into large sacks, and a bit of shopping.

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