Friday, February 01, 2019

Terra Cotta Warriors - Pit One Hospital

Tagged pieces of warriors
As I walked towards the back, the number of intact figures diminished. Some areas were unexcavated. In other areas, tags indicated individual pieces of soldiers.

Amputees with plastic wrap "facials"
In the back was a "hospital" of sorts. Here, one could see figures being restored. Some had plastic wrap over various body parts including the face, which looked like a facial.
Soldiers bound up for reconstruction
Others with more serious reconstruction needs were tightly bound. Virtually all of the standing soldiers had to be reconstructed. Many of the kneeling archers miraculously survived intact, due to their lower to the ground placement and triangular poses.
Horses and figures in reconstruction
Even the horses could be seen in this "hospital" area receiving reconstruction.
Working area
In this area were several rows of desks where workers could so restoration and research. On one desk I saw tiny pieces. What laborious work that must be to make sense of those pieces and recreate accurate figures! I wondered how much it cost to restore an especially damaged figure.

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