Thursday, January 31, 2019

Terra Cotta Warriors - Pit One (continued) - Part Two

Middle section with special walkways for restorers. Plenty left to excavate.

Because I was not a VIP, I was not privileged enough to go to special overlooks (these were roped off) or wander amidst the sculptures. Photos were shown of the Clintons, Putin, and Park Geun-Hye (former president of South Korea) standing right next to the warriors. Instead, I had to rely on my camera's zoom to capture views from less-than-ideal vantage points. 

Even from a distance, the detail on the figures who stood about 1.8 meters (5.9 feet) was quite impressive. Variations included size (up to 1.97 meters - 6.4 feet), girth (slender to those with a paunch), type (10 types of soldiers), pose (standing and kneeling), hairstyle, clothing, and unique faces. A video I had watched earlier had described how when using facial recognition software, no two faces were alike.

In some areas, gaps were seen behind horses. Wooden chariots were victims of burning and have long since disappeared.
Individual warriors, one with face painting
Although most of the figures have long since lost their color, remnants of color could be seen on some. Both the people and horses were once painted in bright colors.

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