Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Sun Sets in the East

The apartment is as bare as it was when I arrived. My belongings are in the suitcases, ready for tomorrow's long journey back to Wisconsin. After four years in Korea and sixteen years overseas, it's time to say goodbye. Lots of hugs, some tears, and plenty of dinner gatherings have taken place these last few weeks. Packers have quickly wrapped up and boxed the many mementos I have carefully collected during my many travels to over 32 countries.  The numerous to-do lists have been completed and the art room is all tidy, ready for the next art teacher to inspire creative minds at SFS. 
The last sunset I will see at SFS has come and gone. This beautiful campus has been such an inspiration for so many photos, transformed in the change of seasons. I will forever cherish the memories that I have of the splendid people and places at SFS, Seoul, and South Korea. I hope to return someday. For now, the sun has set in the East of my world.

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Bibi said...

Hi, Melissa. That must be so sad, but you are also taking with you, aside from your physical belongings, many, many memories of all your travels, which cannot be lost in transit. (Naturally, I hope the physical things won't be either!) Please write and tell me what your plans are on your own turf now. Big hugs, and thinking of you and our good times together. I've just returned, but I hear India calling again.....