Saturday, December 19, 2015

The (Crowded) Commercial Streets of Myeongdong

After our visit to the Myeongdong Cathedral, my friend and I headed over to the "other" part of Myeongdong - the shopping area. The streets were crammed with people eager to partake of the incredible array of shopping opportunities in the stores and along the streets. English signage dominated here, each fancy store competing to sell its luxury goods and high-end items. 

Clothing wasn't just for people though. Seoul's very pampered pooches had quite the assortment of jackets to keep their carefully groomed fur (and sometimes dyed) warm. 

Hats, gloves and other accessories were stacked and displayed. I couldn't resist to buy some cute patterned socks (made in Korea!) for just over $1 each.

All that shopping makes a person hungry. Fortunately there are plenty of food stalls and restaurants to satisfy those under a variety of budgets and culinary preferences.

Myeongdong also had some romantic-looking walkways.
I wonder of the fur coat is real...

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