Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas around the world

It is a rainy, Christmas Day morning here in Bali. When the rain lets up, I hope to go on a walk through the rice paddies around Ubud, then meet a colleague who is also in town with her family to have Christmas dinner this evening. Right now it's a great time to finish the post I started before I left Seoul for my trip in Indonesia. 

On some Christmas breaks, I have taken advantage of the time to travel to new destinations. Many of them were to warmer destinations, but others (such as Eastern Europe) were not. When visiting Pondicherry (South  India) with friends, we were able to visit a church celebrating the birth of their Savior, followed by some festive games. In places such as Prague, I relished in the festive atmosphere of the well-lit city squares, enhanced by Christmas carols. In less Christian areas, we made do with secular signs of the holiday-for instance, the skinny Malaysian Santa at our hotel. 

Next year, my Christmas celebrations will be much more familiar to me, as I will be moving back to Wisconsin. It will be nice to once again be with family as we sing those magnificent Christmas hymns in church, followed by family gatherings and other traditions. 

Wherever you are, a most blessed Christmas to you!

Pondicherry, India

Penang, Malaysia 

Mesa, Arizona 
Bratislava, Slovakia
Udaipur, India 

Pondicherry, India 


Meera Rao said...

beautiful collection of photographs!

Melissa Enderle said...

Thank you! It was rather fun looking through my vast collection, filtering by keywords. I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to see so many places.