Thursday, November 26, 2015

Travel Thankfulness

Seonunsa - South Korea
School is out for the rest of the week - I finally have a chance to take a breath. I am sitting in my cozy warm apartment just steps away from my classroom. With the cold wind and even a few flurries in the air, I was thankful for such a short commute. Our faculty Thanksgiving lunch was started with a prayer and Thanksgiving song, sung first in English and then in Korean. This evening I'll attend another one with some friends, and yet another one tomorrow. So wonderful to be in the company of colleagues, celebrating a holiday where we just begin to touch on the many blessings heaped upon us by our Lord and Creator.   
The Great Wall - China

I'm in my 16th year teaching internationally. What incredible places I've had the opportunity to travel in and to teach. I'll never tire of the incredible beauty that God has created - such diverse landscapes, how He faithfully causes the seasons to happen each year, providing renewal in so many ways. 
Shekhawati - India
Angkor Wat - Cambodia
To explore incredible man-made wonders with friends - and even have a little fun.
Kashmir - India
To meet locals and put a personal side on travels, even if we can't speak the same language.
To witness such generosity and hospitality, freely giving and sharing what little they have. 
Timbuktu, Mali
To witness far-flung places at a time when it was safe to do so. 
Sirogojno, Serbia
To shop with friends and share new experiences.
HaLong Bay - Vietnam
To be able to fly during holidays, transported to a new world and arrive back at school, refreshed.
Taj Mahal - India
To see some Wonders of the World and UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Penang - Malaysia
To view unique crafts being created, including those that are slowly disappearing.
Ella - Sri Lanka

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