Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Seoraksan Entrance

Due to the national holiday honoring the development of the Hangul alphabet,  we had a three-day weekend in earlier October. I knew that it would probably be a bit early for autumn colors, but decided to take advantage of a meetup group trip there. No need for me to do travel planning then - especially nice due to the busy parent teacher conferences that week and my lack of Korean language skills. As the national park of Seoraksan on the east coast is a very popular destination for nature lovers especially in fall, I also thought that visiting the park early in the season would mean fewer people to spoil any views.
Our bus ride eastward across the country did unfortunately take much longer than what had been budgeted, preventing us from visiting all the intended destinations on the first day of our travels. Because we had stayed at a pension hotel that night, we were able to get an earlier start the next morning. Had it been up to me, I would have left the hotel much earlier, but it sure is nice to have someone else in charge of logistics.

By the time we arrived at he park, the early morning rains (which also produced a rainbow) had dissipated. I still brought along my umbrella, just in case. I didn't want to chance my camera to get wet.
The sunlight illuminated the leaves on the trees, which had changed ever so slightly. For this hike, we were going to do the shorter, easier trek up to the Biryong Falls. Once in the park, we walked across a stone bridge with dragons flanking the ends. Currently, the Sangcheon Stream was more like a path of large rocks, but I'm sure it swells at times.

Trees just starting to change colors lined the edge of the Sangcheon Stream.

How could anyone ever tire of seeing such beauty?

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