Sunday, October 25, 2015

Jogyesa Chrysanthemum Festival 2015

Fall is a beautiful time in Korea. The leaves here are more vibrant than they typically are in Wisconsin, perhaps due to the more gradual change in temperature. One way that Korea enjoys celebrating the change of seasons is through festivals. The Buddhist temple of Jogyesa gets in on the action as well, holding its annual Chrysanthemum festival. This is the fifth year of the festival, in which the grounds of this downtown Seoul temple are transformed with sculptural riots of colored Chrysanthemum flowers and other fall plants such as silvergrass. Every year the display is different, which makes it worthwhile to revisit.

Once inside the gate, viewers are welcomed by a massive tree of mums, surrounded by a rainbow maze of more Chrysanthemums. It reminds me of a giant marigold puff ball tree.

Several young monk sculptures decorated with flowers are part of the display. The money sticking out of his neckline must mean that someone really liked his outfit. 

There were several topiary pieces in the shape of animals. That's quite the colorful bullock and cart!

Just as with the lanterns, people could donate money for a plant, enabling their name to be prominently displayed. 

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning, surrounded by such rainbows of color on a bright, sunny day. Fall in Korea is great!

The Chrysanthemum festival goes from Oct 4 to November 15. Enjoy!

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