Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Shuhe Reflections

Early morning is a great time to get out there and photograph. It's quieter and the lighting is often dramatic. Thus it was in Shuhe.  
On the morning after my arrival in Yunnan, I was greeted with a tranquil morning. 
With no breeze, the many waterways of Shuhe became like mirrors, echoing its full willow trees, traditional architecture, and clouds. 
Very few people were up yet, enabling me to capture the architecture and streets without contending with people (tourists or locals) in the scene. Typical of the streets in the Yunnan province, Shuhe is paved by rather smooth flagstones.
Due to its proximity to the very popular UNESCO city of Lijiang, Shuhe is also experiencing an uptick in visitors. (Only about 5 km from the old city of Lijiang, Shune is considered part of this UNESCO heritage city). Construction could be seen in several locations, with the new buildings being designed to blend in with the older-style architecture.

Murals graced the walls of some buildings, something I'd see more of in subsequent villages. These reminded me of the Bai-styled murals in Shaxi.

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