Sunday, August 02, 2015

Appliqué work of the Yi People

In addition to having lacquerware in the shop, Yi ethnic member Joel Zheng also had a display of the traditional Yi clothing. 

Yi clothing typically consists of contrasting, bright colors such as dark red, black, green, yellow, and blue. The skirt is long and pleated, with black, red, and yellow being the most typical colors. At a young age, Yi girls are taught how to do cross-stitch and other sewing techniques such as appliqué. Women also do the weaving of the cloth.
Floral and fern-like designs are commonly featured on women's clothing. Some of the designs reminded me of those I saw on Hmong cloth - as was the pleated skirts. Silver jewelry and ornamentation adds a decorative touch. 

The cone-shaped baubles on this head piece reminds me of the Lisu people I had met in Thailand.
Spinning of the thread for weaving

Appliqué steps

Designs found on Yi clothing
The clothing on display was quite elaborate and of fine craftsmanship. Nowadays, the level of the typical costume isn't quite at this level, particularly if it is purchased.

I was also shown some shawls that were felted. The natural wool color pieces were plain, but very practical.

This article had quite a bit of detail on the clothing of the Yi people in Sichuan, the province where Joel Zhang is from. 

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