Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Part of the Dumpling Gang

While in the Yi lacquerware shop in Shuhe, I was invited to help participate in the making of dumplings. Wednesdays were the night that several Yi families would gather to make communal dinner. I was asked to help with stuffing and then closing the dumplings. After observing one woman expertly doing this process, I attempted to copy her steps. I have to admit that mine were rather easy to spot, not nearly as neatly crimped as those of the other women. 

I'm rather easy to spot in the photo above - the only redhead of the dumpling gang.
I loved how everyone helped out in the process, whether it be rolling out the dough, chopping up the ingredients, steaming the dumplings, or distributing the finished meal and drinks. 

Melissa and Paul, owner of the Azeala lacquer shop
Despite my substandard dumpling making skills and language challenges, I was made to feel a part of the group. One of the young women asked me to give her an "American" name - I selected the name Ruth, reminiscent of the strong Biblical female. They then gave me the Chinese name "Malisha," as it was close to my American name. 

Melissa "Malisha" and my new friend "Ruth"

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